Vote Watching: Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer for the Vote Watch Team.  There are several ways to help:

  1. Watch the count at the Elections Office in Colfax.
  2. Watch the transfer of ballots on  Election Night.
  3. Watch the voter signature approval (reconciling signature on ballot with signature on file).

We will be asking volunteers to be in Colfax for two hour shifts, but won’t be watching every day.   The signature reconciliation is a few days, scheduled by the Election Officials.

It is important that me make our presence felt so that we can attest to the veracity of the count.

Please respond so that we can compile a Volunteer List.   The Election Office needs to Eric Fejeran, Chair of the Whitman County Democrats, to approve this set of volunteers, so we need to be able to get this list completed and submitted as soon as possible.

Join the first four volunteers!

Carolyn Cress